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Rarest Rhino Dies, Leaving Just 3 Of Her Kind On The Planet

Nola, a rare northern white rhino who lived at the San Diego Zoo, died Sunday of an infection at age 41. Now there are just three northern white rhinos left on earth.

"It is with heavy hearts that we announce the death of Nola, a critically endangered northern white rhino,"San Diego Zoo Safari Park wrote on Facebook on Sunday. "This is a very difficult loss for the animal care staff who worked with her, our volunteers, guests, and to her species worldwide."

The three last remaining northern white rhinos live at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya: Sudan, the last male northern white left, and two females, Najin and Suni. Conservationists are racing against time to try to develop groundbreaking technology to breed these aging rhinos, against all odds.

People took to social media to share their memories of Nola, with the hashtag #Nola4Ever. "RIP sweet girl. I had the honor to see Nola in May," one commenter wrote on Facebook. "Thank you for bringing so many people together to help fight for the preservation of your beautiful species."

"I never thought I would shed tears for a rhino, but my heart is so saddened by the loss of Nola," wrote another. "Thank you to all of you who took such good care of her and loved her."

"We have lost a member of our family," wrote another. "She was loved by all that met her."

Watch some of the last footage of Nola here:

Read about one of the other remaining northern whites here. And support the campaign to try to breed the last northern white rhinos left here.

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