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Rambunctious Bull Terrier Can't Even Handle How Cute These Bulldog Puppies Are


Cute wrinkly bulldog puppies can make anyone excited -- even other dogs. This bull terrier is pretty stoked to have found these two chubby little playmates -- so stoked, that he can barely keep his paws on the ground!

Cute puppies call for a celebration of leaps and bounds! But the bulldog pups aren't quite sure what to think of their big new friend -- especially when he executes such a stunning display of acrobatics.

One of the pups decides to be a bit brave and get a closer sniff at this rowdy creature. The other puppy, however, seems pretty content to let her sibling take the lead, and prefers to spectate at a safe distance.

In the end, though, this trio warms up to one another enough to give some affectionate nuzzles of friendship.

Check out the entire playdate below: