Dog Rescued From Fighting Gets Held Like A Big Baby Now

Rambo, a pit bull who was found in the woods and close to death, has come so far since his rescue.

These days, he has a lot to be happy about - and even better, he's surrounded by all of the love and care he was previously denied.

Rambo was found back in March by a member of Every Life Matters Animal Rescue in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Surrounded by animal carcasses, Rambo was so cold his body was going into shock. His injuries suggested that he had been used as a bait dog for dogfighting - rendered defenseless and used as a practice target for fighter dogs.

The severity of Rambo's injuries resulted in the amputation of both his back feet.

The pit bull, who's now in the care of Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE), has become the star of CARE's Facebook page, capturing the hearts of everyone who has come into contact with him.

In fact, he's being pampered with not only cuddles ...

... but all of the toys a dog could ever want or need ...

... and the frog seems to be in the running for his favorite toy of all.

After surgery, when Rambo was still healing and unable to stand on his own, he was treated to wagon rides ...

... where he got to sunbathe in the comfort of a nest of blankets.

But once Rambo was able to walk again ...

... he was more than glad to hit the ground running.

Recently, Rambo spent his first night at home with his foster mom and brother.

"It reportedly went really well," CARE wrote in a Facebook update. "He got to spend lots of time snuggling with other dogs."

In addition to a foster family and a shiny new name tag ...

... Rambo's also been fitted with a wheelchair that helps him move around more freely, just like any other dog.

"He just got in his [wheelchair] ... so he's still getting used to it," Dr. Laura Dvorak, who's been overseeing Rambo's recovery at CARE, told local outlet WCNC. "But they typically pick up on it pretty quick."

Rambo still has surgeries ahead of him in the future, as doctors have been working with skin grafting techniques to help heal his stubs, and make walking on them comfortably without the use of a wheelchair a reality.

But Rambo's future looks brighter than ever - and he seems to know it too.

If you're interested in helping Rambo with his medical costs, consider making a donation here.

Click here to learn more about how you can help make dogfighting laws even tougher on convicted offenders.

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