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Donut-Loving Raccoon Doesn't Give A Damn About Your Health Codes

Sometimes you just really need donuts. And if you're a raccoon who found his way into the ceiling of a donut shop, nothing can stop you.

Peter Jensen was standing in a Toronto-area coffee shop when he noticed something unusual happening over by the donut racks.

"At first, I thought it was the wind pushing a tile around, then I saw a nose and thought it was a huge rat," Jensen told the Toronto Sun. "And then I saw the hand come down. I started laughing my head off."

YouTube/Peter J

YouTube/Peter J

It turned out to be a very bold raccoon, who can be seen happily hanging from the ceiling as he slowly makes his selection from a number of tempting donuts.

"He has the audacity to be picky," he added. "He roots around a little and gets an orange fritter or cruller."

According to Jensen, the hungry bandit received an unusually warm welcome at the establishment - in fact, he was being cheered on by witnesses, who can be heard in the video.

"He's gonna commit," a man, presumably Jensen, can be heard saying, "This is incredible."

Unfortunately, the management was more health code-conscious and managed to usher the raccoon out of the sweets with a broom. But not before he nabbed two more donuts, Jensen said.

Enjoy, little buddy. You deserve it.