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Raccoon Caught Red-Handed Doing Weird Sh*t At A High School

Art teacher Mark Tufford starts each morning the same way: by opening the window to let some air into the classroom. But Wednesday was different, because after he left the room for a few short moments, he returned to find a new student climbing on top of the desks.

He seemed to be taking shelter from the storm," another art teacher at R.H. King Academy told the Toronto Star.

The Toronto winter is far from over, and Wednesday morning was no exception. Low clouds hung in the sky and a light snow fell, making the outdoors a cold place to be for any of the city's inhabitants, wildlife included. The teacher revealed another hypothesis as to why the critter crawled into the school's window.

"I think he was also interested in the art," she said.

That might explain why so many of the photos snapped by students and teachers showed the raccoon rummaging through supply closets and cupboards.

When choosing a name for the raccoon, students settled on "King," a nod to their school's namesake.

Now, after about an hour of resisting animal control officers, King's back out in the wild. Hopefully his brief stint in art school will leave the raccoon with a new perspective on the great big world out there.

When you're a raccoon artist, you have to make the most out of what you have.