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This Raccoon Has Some Regrets

Nobody's perfect.

Life is full of decisions - some good, some bad.

This little guy chose the latter. He got stuck.

Northampton Police Department

There's no telling exactly what the lovable, but hapless raccoon was thinking when he decided to wedge his head through a clearly too-small opening on a sewer grate. But it's fair to say he wishes he'd thought about it a little longer.

See that face? That is the face of regret.

Northampton Police Department

Fortunately, the clumsy coon's self-imposed predicament didn't go unnoticed.

He was discovered this week outside a medical center in Massachusetts, after which Northampton Police Department animal control officer Shayla Howe stepped in to help.

Freeing the raccoon wouldn't be so easy, however.

Northampton Police Department

It wasn't simply a matter of nudging the raccoon back down through, like opening a bottle of wine at a picnic without a corkscrew. His head was so tightly jammed, Howe had to remove the grate and lube him up with cooking oil first.

"It took a while," she told MassLive / The Republican.

Again - regrets.

Northampton Police Department

In the end, all that effort (and the greasy mess) paid off.

The rueful raccoon was finally free!

Northampton Police Department

Despite that awkward ordeal, Howe found the raccoon to be uninjured and in good health, so she released him from custody - hopefully having learned his lesson about where not to stick his head.

With raccoons though, you never know.