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Raccoon Trapped In Doughnut Shop's Dumpster Is Not Happy To Be Rescued

The dream is over.

A taste for forbidden delicacies led one sweet-toothed raccoon to become stuck in a dumpster outside a Massachusetts doughnut shop.

Still, he didn't appear to be too eager to be rescued.

Mansfield, MA Police Department

Officers from the Mansfield Police Department were alerted to the raccoon's supposed predicament at a local Dunkin' Donuts, and were soon on hand to help. But, as it turns out, the animal reportedly seemed quite content with staying trapped amongst the treasure trove of discarded treats he'd discovered to his peril.

"With every new bag of trash deposited in the dumpster, our foraging friend was faced with a dilemma: use the growing pile to exit, or eat his egress," the police department wrote online. "As you can see, he chose the latter."

The presence of the responding officers was apparently enough to spoil the pastry party, however. After they propped a piece of wood inside the dumpster for the raccoon to use as a ramp, he ultimately decided to climb out.

The animal, now free, was last seen taking refuge in a nearby tree.

Despite all the time and effort those officers spent getting him out of the dumpster, the rescued raccoon looked to be a little bummed out about being saved - but we promise it was for the best.