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Genius Raccoon Knows Exactly How To Drive People Crazy

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Some neighbors just won't give you a break.

Rocksy the raccoon has a habit of helping herself to the cat food in her human neighbor's yard. But she's not very happy when it runs low, so she devised an ingenious way to ask for a refill.

A video posted by her human neighbor shows the wild raccoon eagerly banging on the sliding glass door to get the human's attention. Knowing she wasn't capable of knocking with her own little paws, Rocksy found a large rock, which she rolls between her hands to make a resounding clanging noise as she demands more cat food.


"[She] steals the cat food, and when the bowl's empty she gets a rock and knocks on my door," the woman behind the camera says. "It's scratched all the way across here," she adds, pointing to a row of raccoon-height scratches across the glass pane.

In the video description, the poster says that the raccoon has shared her yard for years, and that she'll sometimes knock for hours if she doesn't get the response she wants. Rocksy also recently had babies, whom she's nursing nearby, so it's likely she's in extra need of food.

"I love her so much," the poster says. "She's so funny."

Rocksy and the video poster, who says she's had experience with a local wildlife rescue, appear to have a well-established relationship. But it's worth noting that feeding raccoons is a very risky behavior. Raccoons fed by humans can get accustomed to handouts, and are more likely to end up in dangerous situations with you or your neighbors (such as when they break into someone's kitchen for a snack). They can also carry rabies, and have been known to attack - and even hunt - cats and small dogs.

But putting that aside, this is a spectacular example of just how smart animals can be - even the ones that people sometimes dismiss as nuisance animals. And while we know that feeding wild animals isn't a great idea, we can't help but hope that Rocksy got some food. She certainly deserves it.