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Rabbit Gets Depressed After His Family Returns Him To The Shelter

When Archie T. Pickles found himself at a city animal shelter in California, he probably didn't realize just how close he was to losing his life.

But he was rescued by Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, in Stockton, which searched for a permanent home for Archie T. Pickles.

Finally, the right family seemed to come along. But a few years later, Archie T. Pickles was homeless again.

Archie T. Pickles has needed rescuing again and again. | Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

"Archie was adopted out several years ago to what we thought was a great home. Sadly, Archie was returned to us recently in nothing more than a cardboard box from the home he lived in," Christine Morrissey, of Harvest Home, told The Dodo. Apparently, a member of the household had suddenly become allergic to Archie.

Archie T. Pickles, a depressed rabbit, needs a forever home. | Christine Morrissey/Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

Archie T. Pickles found himself depressed after he was returned to the animal sanctuary. He just didn't have the spring in his step that he used to have.

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

"When Archie was returned to us, he quickly slipped into a deep depression," Morrissey said. "Until Archie met Kim."

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

Kim is a volunteer at the animal sanctuary. When she saw Archie T. Pickles, she could sense his sadness. She knew she had to help him.

Archie T. Pickles, formerly depressed, perks up in Kim's arms. | Christine Morrissey/Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

And there was something about Kim that made Archie T. Pickles feel hopeful again. He seemed to perk up just being held in Kim's arms.

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

Over the weekend, Kim reached out to the sanctuary and said she wanted to foster Archie T. Pickles until he could find a good forever home.

At his new foster home, Archie T. Pickles meets Kim's husband. | Christine Morrissey/Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

"Archie's depression is quickly shifting to happiness because of Kim's compassion and concern," Morrissey said.

Kim and Archie T. Pickles hang out at home together. | Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

Kim took Archie T. Pickles home and introduced him to the rest of her crew - her husband, and a few other rescued rabbits.

Until Archie T. Pickles can find a forever home that really is forever, this is absolutely the next best thing.

Archie T. Pickles meets the other rabbits at his foster home. | Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

If you'd like to give Archie T. Pickles a forever home, contact info@harvesthomesanctuary.org.

Can't welcome Archie T. Pickles into your home? Click here to learn how you can help Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary rescue needy animals.

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