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Rabbit And Shar Pei Are Blissfully Unaware Of Their Differences And Have A Playdate Anyway

<p>YouTube: Rumble Viral</p>

Best friends are hard to come by, particularly when they're your polar opposite.

Milo the Shar-Pei and Smokey the Flemish Giant rabbit have found incomparable playmates in one another, and make the most of their time by chasing one another around their backyard. Though it may seem counterintuitive for these two to be friends, the pair seems blissfully unaware of their differences.

Though Milo has a considerable amount of weight over Smokey, the rabbit is not to be outdone, and gives Milo a run for his money during their game of tag.

The duo's owner tells Rumble Viral that the two really are best friends, and that "they sleep together, play together and eat together!"

Watch Milo and Smokey do their thing in Rumble Viral's video below:

YouTube: Rumble Viral