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16 Signs You've Caved To Your Pet's Every Demand

<p> Flickr/<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/idea-saras/">Jenny Ondioline</a><span></span> </p>

All your clothes have a soft outer layer of fur.

Your pet gets her own chair for shedding season.

There's no such thing as a bite, just a kiss with teeth.

And your hands are covered in scratches.


You can't go on vacation.


Unless they come with you.


And your home is really the perfect staycation venue for your pet.


You always let him have the comfiest spots in the house.

The linen closet is the coziest bed in the house.

And only some of the seats at the dinner table are reserved for humans.

You always offer her the last piece of pizza ...


... and the last cupcake.

Desserts are really always shared.

You are convinced her terrifying stare is a look of love.

And, sure. Maybe it is.


They just might have a soft spot for you, too.