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'Frustrated' Shelter Cat Gets Multiple Baths In Attempt To Erase Her Colorful Past

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After some cruel humans thought this sweet black and white gal would look better in color, this purple kitty is now waiting in a Texas shelter for a loving forever family.

Appropriately named Fuchsia by shelter staff, the 2-year-old cat was found wandering alone near an apartment complex and brought to the Humane Society of North Texas, NBC reports.

It's not clear who dyed Fuchsia, but the color wouldn't come out even after multiple baths. Staff at the shelter were concerned, as many dyes are toxic to animals, especially cats, who lick their fur to clean themselves.

Around Easter, thoughtless humans take it upon themselves to dye chicks and bunnies different colors, which is a terrible idea. Dyeing a critter's fur or feathers is at best, scary and uncomfortable for the animal and at worst, life-threatening.

Luckily Fuchsia seems healthy, despite being understandably "frustrated" when she arrived at the shelter. Whitney Hanson of the Humane Society of North Texas told NBC that "she's very sweet and she's quickly become a staff favorite. Any family is going to be lucky to have her."

Fuschia just needs to find a loving new family who can look beyond her colorful past.

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