Girl Hoping For A Nice Photo With Puppy Gets This Instead

"Doobie was not having it."

This 11-week-old pit bull puppy, named Doobie, is clearly a cutie.

Well, most of the time.


The little dog's doting owner, Twitter user Kaycee Marie, recently attended prom at her school. Before heading off to the dance, dressed to the nines, she thought it would be a good idea to take a "nice picture" of herself and her beloved pup posed sweetly together.

"I am completely obsessed with him so of course I wanted a picture with him," Kaycee told The Dodo.

Doobie, unfortunately, had other plans.


While the first snap turned out OK enough, it betrays the reality of that special moment.

Look no further than these subsequent photos for proof.


"Doobie was not having it," Kaycee said. "He was having way too much fun running around our new yard."

That's about the time the adorable little dog summoned a face perhaps best described as one of complete and utter puppy terror.


Here it is again, close up.


Oh, Doobie.

"Usually, if I make kissy noises, he licks my face," Kaycee said. "So it was really funny when he decided to give me that photo. He usually smiles pretty for pictures."

Fortunately, Kaycee eventually was able to corral the rambunctious pup for a more proper photo.


An instant later, Kaycee said, "he ran off to play again."