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Puppy Can’t Figure Out What This Phone Wants From Him



Yeah, that's pretty much the extent of this puppy's interaction with a ringing cell phone back in 2008, as seen in this vintage YouTube clip.

Try to see this from Herbie's perspective: Phone does not speak dog.

His eager-to-please puppy brain may ask: What do you want strange gray brick that my owner likes to play with?

Maybe the brick from 2008 is trying to give him a command.

Sit? Stay? Speak?

That's got to be it. So Herbie howls and howls along with the ancient communications tool.

His ears - the pointy, oversized models so characteristic on German shepherd puppies - may also make him especially receptive to the siren call of this strange device.

Sing it, Herbie. This song's for you.

Watch the full clip below: