Rescued Pit Bull Puppy Can't Stop Kissing The Man Who Saved Him

There's happiness, and then there's the glee of a dog reuniting with the kind man who saved his life.

A video that recently resurfaced online captured just such a moment between a rambunctious pup named Mojo and shelter operator Joey Wagner.

According to Wagner, the 4-month-old puppy was so sick from mange, his "whole body was a complete scab" when he was surrendered to Wagner's Nova Scotia-based Baie Ste. Marie Animal Society back in 2013.

"The look he gave me, I knew that he wanted to live," Wagner told the CBC at the time. "So, we did everything we could."

After a week in intensive care, Mojo managed to make a remarkable transformation, improving "1000%" and becoming the happy (but still hairless) pup seen in the clip above.

While many people offered to take Mojo in, Wagner ultimately adopted the dog himself.

Mojo has since recovered and now helps raise money for other animals at Wagner's shelter.

Watch Wagner and Mojo's entire happy reunion below: