Rescued Pig Is So Excited To Have Her Very Own Puppy

Keeva the Frenchie puppy was adopted to be a friend for Piper the pig ... but the pair didn't exactly hit it off.

Now, a few months later, they get along a bit better - but they're still not quite the best of friends.

Keeva is a very energetic little puppy and really just wanted someone to play with ...

... and then Peanut came along.

Keeva's family rescued little Peanut from living in a tiny cage, where he was being raised to be eaten. Peanut immediately loved everything about his new home, especially Keeva.

From the moment Peanut and Keeva met, they were the best of friends. Keeva was so excited to finally have someone his size to play with, and Peanut was just excited to have someone to play with at all.

Peanut and Keeva do just about everything together ...

... and, more than anything, love to take care of each other and be there for each other.

You know, because that's just what best friends do.