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Genius Puppy Pees In Toilet (And Remembers To Put The Seat Down)

<p> <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cX8xqGFoqQ">YouTube/Hill Country K9</a> </p>

At an age when most squirmy little human youngsters are still happily relieving themselves inside garments designed for that purpose, one precocious German shepherd puppy has taken a more civilized approach to answering nature's call.

Meet Baron the puppy. He's learned to tinkle in the toilet, like a grown-up person.

YouTube/Hill Country K9

The very clever 9-month-old has mastered the ability to literally go to the bathroom "to go to the bathroom," even raising the lid to the porcelain thrown all by himself.

Just look at him, er, go.

YouTube/Hill Country K9

Baron doesn't just do his business and wander off, unlike many an inconsiderate gas station patron. Not only does he flush, the puppy also puts the seat down for whoever may be using the facilities next.

YouTube/Hill Country K9

This isn't the only special skill that makes this dog the poster-puppy of canine obedience. When he's not on the john, Baron can sometimes be found helping his humans load up the dishwasher, or even putting dirty undies into the washing machine where dirty undies belong.

Who's a good boy? Baron, that's who.

Watch the genius puppy perform his number-one trick below: