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This Adorable Shelter Puppy Is Named Joker, Obviously

World, meet Joker - a shelter pup who's about to steal your heart like a furry little super-villain.

On Tuesday, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay shared photos of the adorable 2-month-old puppy, pointing out the uncanny likeness to his namesake comic book character and urging someone to adopt him. Within hours, the post was shared thousands of times across Facebook and on Reddit - and sure enough, that did the trick:

The Joker found his superhero.

"The day that he was put up for adoption he was adopted out right away," a shelter staffer told The Dodo. "There were so many people calling, especially out of state and even a few from outside the country, wanting to adopt him. But he went to a good home."

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay was not able to disclose any information about the family that welcomed Joker into their home, so we can only hope, for his sake, that it's far from Batman the cat.

To learn about becoming a hero to a homeless pet, visit your local animal shelter.