Puppy Who Was Covered In Motor Oil Makes Truly Epic Transformation

When Second Chance Rescue took in Jacob in October, the young dog was in a sorry state.

In addition to having what one shelter worker called "one of the worst skin conditions" she had ever seen, the months-old pup had been doused in motor oil under the mistaken belief it would cure his mange.

"This is one of the worst things that you can do," wrote Second Chance Rescue on Facebook. "It seeps through the skin and causes sepsis and poisoning of the bloodstream."

Luckily, Jacob not only survived the potentially fatal poisoning, he went on to make a stunning recovery thanks to animal lovers' donations. Just five months later, Jacob looks nothing like the sick, suffering puppy he once was.

Now, Jacob is living with Forever Home Rehabilitation Center, learning to be the happy, friendly dog he always deserved to be.

"He is doing amazing," wrote Second Chance Rescue on Facebook. "It won't be long now and this handsome guy will be looking for a home."

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