Curious Puppy Gets His Head Stuck In A Tire

Rescuers used coconut oil to get him out.

When Blaze's dad went out for a few hours, he left Blaze in their yard in Montana to run and play until he got back. He figured Blaze would be happy and safe there - until he came back and found that Blaze had gotten his head stuck in the wheel of a car.

The wheel wasn't actually attached to anything, and so the frazzled man loaded Blaze - and the wheel - into his car and quickly drove him to St. Francis Veterinary Hospital. The vet was completely stumped as to how to help the very stuck puppy, and decided to call the Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department for assistance.

Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department

Battalion Chief Bill Fisher, firefighter Zach Osborne and Fire Marshal/Assistant Chief Brian Doherty met the puppy and his dad outside the veterinary hospital to assess the situation and see how they could help. They thought they might need to use some extraction tools to free Blaze - but in the end, all they actually needed was strength and coconut oil.

"An ample amount of coconut oil was used to lube Blaze's head, ears and neck," Shelly Jones, office coordinator at the Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department, told The Dodo. "Firefighter Osborne then pulled and squeezed the pup's loose skin and ears, and eventually his head out of the wheel hole."

puppy gets head stuck in tire
Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department

Blaze suffered some minor swelling on his neck, but for the most part he came out of the whole ordeal completely fine. He was calm, cool and collected while the firefighters worked to free him, and was incredibly grateful when they finally succeeded.

"He was a very happy little pup when he was set free," Jones said.

The firefighters were only at the veterinary hospital for around nine minutes, and the actual rescue only took about 30 seconds. Once Blaze was nice and oiled up, it just took a little strength to get him out and set him free.