Brave Puppy Hugs Teddy Bear While She Fights For Her Life

First rescued by Simi Valley Missing Pets, and then taken in by foster folks Brittany and Robbie Jacalone, a young dog named Scarlett appeared to be on a winning streak. On February 23, however, it seemed her luck had finally run out.

That night, Scarlett choked on a piece of kibble and stopped breathing completely. Her foster parents quickly cleared her throat and performed CPR, but doctors estimated she only had a 20 percent chance of survival.

Miraculously, Scarlett lived through the night, as well as the one after. Stuck in a pressured oxygen bed, the tiny pup could only embrace a stuffed white teddy bear while she recovered.

While Scarlett slowly regained her strength, however, another miracle occurred: Good Samaritans donated over $10,000 to Simi Valley Missing Pets, covering a critical hospital bill that saved Scarlett's life.

Throughout it all, Scarlett's foster parents visited her every day, falling in love with the courageous young dog.

In the end, they couldn't let her go: In March, she was released from the hospital and they adopted Scarlett.

It's said that life is full of ups and downs, but few of us know the tragic lows and glorious highs already experienced by a brave pup named Scarlett.

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