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Mother dog in faeces prison with her three babies desperate to be rescued from living hell

We were asked us to visit a house where a skinny dog was tied up in the front garden. We were told a man and his girlfriend came to the house a couple of times a week to feed a dog our witness believed was kept in the house, but the man didn't feed the dog tied in the front garden.

When we got to the house the front garden was a disgusting mess, piled up with dog poo, rubbish and dog cages.

There was a slight crack in the front door; so we poked our heads into darkness. The stench of rotting faeces hit us first, our eyes were burning with the reek of ammonia. In the darkness we could see four small black figures against the pale coloured floor, a reclining chair, a television, computer and other living room items. Surrounding the four black dogs all we could see was faeces. Poo, shit, excrement, dry, wet, on everything and the four little ones were covered in it.

As we pushed the door wide enough a small head appeared through the opening, along with a foot, long claws and the eyes of a mother dog in prison with her three children desperate to escape their living hell.

The tears in our eyes were increasing with the emotion and the stench. There was no turning away now. Lifting them out one by one, there was no resistance just fright. In the daylight, they looked pitiful and helpless. We knew they were now going to a better place.

We could see more dogs through a glass door barking and growling. We opened the door and saw what appeared to be a kitchen. The floor was also covered in excrement and with no windows open, the toxic air made it very difficult to breath. In this hell kitchen we found three dogs in a frenzied state.

There was no food anywhere, no water, just faeces and rubbish. But there was a freezer. We almost knew before opening the freezer what we would find. Three frozen partly decomposed small black dogs, similar to those we had rescued in the front room,

This is by far the worst scenario we have witnessed. We suspect that these dogs were used for breeding and believe there will be many other places just like this one, tucked away and out of sight, all for the purpose of making money and supplying a public demand for puppies.

Later as night fell on the shelter, we shampooed and trimmed the dogs as best we could. They needed many more grooming sessions to rid them of their smell and faeces matted hair, and a long time to get over their terrible ordeal.

The next day the three dead puppies were buried close to the shelter.

This is the real reason many volunteers do the work they do but sadly there is no law to stop animals being kept in these conditions, The little mother, Duchess and her surviving puppy, Ellie, were adopted a year later and went to live in a the UK, finally in a loving home of their own.