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Burned And Blinded Puppy Defies His Abusers By Beating The Odds

A 4-month-old puppy was found with severe chemical burns all over his body, but they hasn't stopped him from fighting for his life.

The tiny, 4-pound Yorkie puppy, now named Mason, was found wandering around a backyard in South Atlanta, Georgia, struggling to make it on his own. Fulton County Animal Services picked up Mason, and he was soon transferred to LifeLine Animal Project, where he received immediate medical attention.

Mason is so young and so tiny, it's almost shocking that he was able to survive such severe injuries. He was burned all over his entire body, and also in his eyes - and will likely end up being completely blind. After receiving medical attention, Mason is now in stable condition, much to the surprise and joy of everyone involved in his care.

LifeLine Animal Project wrote about Mason on their Facebook page, saying, "He's a fighter! YES." Indeed, the little guy seems to have beat all the odds so far, and hopefully he can continue to make a full recovery and prove to his abusers that he's stronger than he looks.

If you would like to help Mason on his road to recovery, you can check out the LifeLine Animal Project donation page for more information.