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They Thought He Was Lost, But A Video Revealed The Disturbing Truth

When a New Mexico man found a puppy alone on the street, he assumed the tiny pit bull was a neighbor's escaped pet. But after checking security footage to locate the dog's owner, the good Samaritan uncovered a far darker story.

Surveillance video shot the night before shows a car stopping just long enough to dump the pit bull in the road like trash. For a second, the dog even tries to follow his owner before the vehicle takes off and the 10-week-old puppy is left to fend for himself.

Having been callously abandoned, the dog, renamed Bradley, was then given to Kayla's Promise Dog Rescue while the video was handed over to authorities.

"It's totally unnecessary; you have so many different avenues you can take if you don't want your pet," Tina McIntosh, who runs Kayla's Promise Dog Rescue, told KRQE. "To be dumped in such a way is just cruel and heartless and I will never understand that."

Police are now looking for the person who dumped the tiny puppy, but with no visible license plate in the video, officials say an arrest is unlikely.

For Bradley, however, things are only looking up.

"Little Bradley has been ADOPTED!!!!" wrote Kayla's Promise Dog Rescue on Saturday. "We are going to miss him, but, he has a awesome home!!!!"

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