16 Puppies Who Will Grow Into Those Ears ... Eventually

1. "Who needs a blanket when you've got these cozy ear flaps?"

Reddit: archerthehound

2. "My ears say 'Hello!'"

Reddit: gavilanpollero

3. "What? Do I have something on my head?"

Reddit: pucchiacca

4. "These things can be a little heavy ... "

Reddit: Dudleysdad

5. "Very funny - NO, you CAN'T use these to pick up radio signals."

Reddit: Enraged_Beaver

6. "The better to hear you with, my dear!"

Reddit: RebeccaMuffins

7. "Why are my ears bigger than my body??"

Reddit: mouthy_harlot

8. "Sometimes it's hard to not step on these darn things!"

Reddit: marzipan1001

9. "I could probably take flight if I really wanted to."

Reddit: doritofacethehungry

10. "I never need an umbrella, thanks to my ear teepee!"

Reddit: SolarBears

11. "My ears are feeling a little sleepy today ... "

Reddit: odiedogs

12. "My ears can keep BOTH of us warm, see?"

Instagram: colinthehound

13. "I don't know WHY everyone always assumes I'm giving them directions."

Reddit: SubduedChaos

14. "I may or may not be part rabbit."

Reddit: bmac6591

15. "Psh, you just WISH you had ears as voluptuous as mine!"

Instagram: maplebarbastrup

16. "Who is this 'Dumbo' you keep referring to?"