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17 Puppies Who Just Had Their First Bath

<p> <a href="http://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/1h859s/dexter_takes_his_first_bath/">Reddit/m1nuses</a> </p>

1. This guy who's not so sure about getting in the tub.

2. This puppy just hanging out, getting clean.

3. This pup who isn't so sure about that shampoo stuff ...

4. This puppy who is very wet.

5. This bubble-covered buddy.

6. This guy who'd rather drink the water than bathe in it.

7. This baby who was just too little for the bathtub.

8. This dude with his awesome hairdo.

9. And this gal who is always having a good hair day.

10. This guy who never wants bath time to end!

11. This guy who just isn't sure this is the best look for him.

12. This puppy who thinks he's probably clean enough now.

13. This puppy who'd really just like to get out now, please?

14. This champ who totally conquered his first bath.

15. This 7-week-old pup who's kind of glad it's over.

16. This little man who loves getting dry.

17. And finally, this baby, who after all this bathing business really just needs a nap.

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