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11 Puppies Who Think Their Barks Sound Real Tough

These puppies have NO idea how adorably un-intimidating they sound.

"These toys better WATCH THEIR BACKS."

"Don't even THINK about messin' with me, Human!"

"Psh, just 'cuz you're bigger doesn't make you tougher!"

"Oh, a WISE GUY, huh?"

"I have a serious bone to pick with you, Bone!"

"You think I'm not tough? Just LOOK at how quickly I can capture my tail!"

"Why are you laughing?? I am a fearsome beastie!"

"I don't trust this stuffed animal. Not ONE BIT."


"You talkin' to me? You talkin' to ME??"

"Don't even THINK about getting near that toilet, you wily toilet brush!"