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Tiniest Puppies Saved From Barn Fire By Kind Firefighters

They were 2 days old and all alone.

When a fire broke out in Newton Abbot, England, firefighters were quick to respond to the scene with all the equipment they'd need to put it out - and some extra, newly acquired equipment that ended up saving two very tiny lives.

The fire, which started at a farm, had been pretty destructive ...

... and when firefighters from the Newton Abbott Fire Station went inside to search for anyone who might have been trapped inside ...

... they found five tiny 2-day-old puppies, struggling to survive.

Unfortunately, three of the puppies died shortly after being rescued, but two of the puppies managed to hang on, and the firefighters quickly pulled out their new pet oxygen mask kits from Smokey Paws - they were recently donated to them by the Kong company.

The oxygen therapy kit contained tiny masks designed to fit perfectly on the little puppies ...

... and the puppies took turns getting the attention they needed ...

... and even found a mask big enough for both of them to share.

This was the first time the fire department had used the pet oxygen masks, and they were very pleased with the results - and so were the puppies.

"We have only had this vital kit for a few weeks and it's paid off already, and hopefully will save many more loved pets in the future," the station wrote on its Facebook page.

The puppies are currently being cared for at a local vet's office, and are on the road to recovery.

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