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116 Frisky Puppies Take Over Shelter After Being Rescued

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It was puppy mania at a shelter in Dublin, Ireland, last week after rescuers saved dozens of puppies who were headed to the U.K. to be sold.

The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) wound up with all 116 hungry, squirmy, playful puppies in their care until foster homes could be hastily arranged.


A crew of YouTubers who run a comedy channel called Facts dropped by the DSPCA and made this amazing video, thanking everyone involved in the rescue and showing the world what it looks like when 116 puppies are all in the same place.

Get ready for an overdose of cuteness.


"They're getting their vaccinations, their worm treatment, flea treatment, they're getting a full health check," Gillian Bird, the head of media and education for the DSPCA, said in the video. "The comfort the animals get is food, which is really important because they hadn't had it for a while, water and a warm safe place to sleep."

They also have toys to play with, humans to snuggle with and plenty of fresh bedding because, as Bird put it, "Being puppies, they poop an awful lot."


You can see the whole video here:

Hopefully these puppies will soon find their forever homes, but this rescue is an important reminder that puppies sold in pet stores may not come from safe and healthy environments. If you're ready to provide a home for an animal, check with your local Humane Society or on Petfinder for adoptable rescue dogs who are waiting for families.