Man Threatened To Drown Puppies, So She Adopted Them

When a mother dog was introduced to five orphaned puppies, she could've rejected them - protecting her own even younger puppies. Instead, she opened her heart.

It all began early last week, when Deborah Wilson of Cave Creek, Arizona, received an email about a local man with a litter of white pit bull pups. He didn't want them anymore and was threatening to drown them if nobody came to pick them up.

They were only 3-4 weeks old. They needed a rescuer and a mother.

Without hesitation, Wilson picked up the pups and brought them to a recently rescued mother of two 6-day-old shepherd puppies at the Pinal County Animal Shelter.

Wilson first introduced the mother to the runt of the litter, according to the post.

"She sniffed him and licked him, we placed him down on her nipples and he started eating right away," Wilson wrote. She brought in the rest of the puppies.

After only a few minutes, it was clear that the two shepherd pups and the five pitties would get along just fine.

All seven rescued pups will eventually be spayed, neutered and adopted out of the shelter. But, for now, they're home at last.

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