Pugs FLIP OUT When Their Favorite Person Comes Home From The Navy

They hadn't seen him for months.

These sweet, goofy pugs - named Pixie, Pierre, Seamus and Rooney - have spent months pining for that one special person whom they love above all others.

But lucky for them, he just got home.

Tina Finnegan

Last Friday night, U.S. Navy Airman Michael Schiela returned to his parents' house in Philadelphia for the first time since heading to training out of state in October. There, his family had prepared the sweetest surprise for him - and for the four curly-tailed canines who'd been missing him so dearly.

Tina Finnegan

"My younger son put the dogs in a bedroom upstairs when we pulled up to the house from the airport. When Michael came in, he released them," Schiela's mom, Tina Finnegan, told The Dodo.

Here's an adorable video of the wiggly pug-pile that ensued.

Even Michael's mom was surprised by the pugs' uncontainable reaction.

"I knew they were going to be thrilled. They missed him badly," says Tina. "I wasn't really expecting them to maul him quite like that though!"

What a sweet homecoming, indeed.