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9 Pictures That Prove Babies And Pugs Are An Absurdly Adorable Combination

1. Tiny humans are fascinating and intriguing creatures.

(Reddit: TatM)

2. Napping is more peaceful when you've got a couple of furry pillows beside you.


3. Pugs and babies = masters of chill.


4. You can rest easy when you know there are ferociously cute guard-pugs by your side.


5. Sometimes it's just nice to have someone to look out the window with.

(Reddit: Thedirtyone522)

6. True friends are always there when you need to cozy up and chat.


7. Can we all agree that mornings are the worst?

(Reddit: epidemic)

8. Two adorable faces are much harder to deny than one.

(Reddit: TatM)

9. A perfect friend will be content to just lie around and dream with you.

(Reddit: bhouse08)