Tiny Pug Finds The Best Seat On The Train

Picture this. You're riding the subway to work. It's early. You're tired. Two people probably sneezed on you and then gave you the stink eye for no reason.

But then. Something magical happens. Something you couldn't have imagined in your wildest dreams.

You look up.

And you see THIS.


Take a closer look.



At first it seems like it's just a guy casually reading the paper but then: HE HAS A TINY PUG SITTING IN HIS GODDAMN JACKET.

If you stare at this for too long, it will actually start to hurt you, because it's so cute. It's too cute. Has anything ever been cuter than this?

A very, very lucky Twitter user named Ian managed to behold this glorious scene on the R train in New York City.

And that wasn't even where the glory stopped. The pug got tired - presumably from being so cute, which we hear is exhausting - and started to doze off.


Just when you thought there was nothing cuter than a baby pug, you remembered that there IS. A sleepy baby pug.

Soon enough, the little guy just totally passed out.


If this doesn't motivate you to start taking public transportation more, nothing will.