6 Sleepy Pugs Wiggle Their Way Through Cutest Slumber Party Ever

<p> <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwrtVRz9TwM" target="_blank">YouTube/ignoramusky</a> </p>

It's tough being a pug puppy: There are so many new things to learn, so many balls to chase and SO MANY naps to take.

A video posted to YouTube yesterday by ignoramusky shows six pugs lined up side by side for a cozy snooze fest - and it squeezes so much cuteness into 87 seconds that we can hardly take it.

Watch the sleeping pug puppies breath in and out.


Watch their tiny pug puppy limbs do a little shake and a hop.


Run through your golden meadow dreams, pug puppies!


What's that, Pug Puppy 2? Are you waking from this dream?


You too, Pug Puppy 3?


Oh, nope. False alarm.

Dream on, pug puppies. Dream on.


As it turns out, dogs dream mostly the same way humans do. But just what are they dreaming about? Well, we can guess.

Watch the entire adorable video here:

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