Man's 'Psychic' Guinea Pigs May Soon Need A New Home

Guinea pigs can be great listeners and companions for those who are willing to properly care for them, but for members of one community center, a group of 21 guinea pigs have demonstrated somewhat holy and mystical powers.

Since purchasing the guinea pigs in 2010, Clive Restall of Plymouth, United Kingdom, has witnessed his guinea pigs perform miracles, he claims.

And the guinea pigs don't just listen to Clive and his wife, Rose ... they have calling hours with many of the residents living in Plymouth Community Homes (PCH).

"Lots of people like to come and visit them," Restall told the Western Morning News. "Some people like to come and speak to them about their problems."

A small boy's prayer for his father to return home from Afghanistan? The guinea pigs helped him out. How about the young woman who's in a spat with her mom and dad? The guinea pigs were on the case then, too.

In 2010, Restall was diagnosed with kidney cancer. That's when he first welcomed a few guinea pigs into his home. They provided companionship when he was no longer able to work.

Unfortunately, what started out as a few companions eventually grew to 21 guinea pigs, which has put the Restall family on bad terms with their landlord. The Restalls, including all 21 guinea pigs, have been threatened with eviction if they don't agree to find new homes for at least a few of his pets.

While the administration at PCH recognizes the "companionship and social benefits" of pets, according to the Western Morning News, "the number of animals in Restall's home is beyond what is reasonable" or permitted by the community's pet policy, which Restall agreed to upon signing his lease.

In order to keep their home, the Restall family will either have to find new homes for a few of the guinea pigs or find a new home for themselves. When animals are considered a part of the family, that can be a difficult choice, but luckily, the Restalls have their guinea pig gurus to help with the decision.

"They're a means of communication," Restall said. "They listen to your problems and they help."

The guinea pigs have until the new year to work their magic.

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