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This is one of the saddest things ever, when I first watched the Blackfish movie I couldn't believe how SeaWorld treated there animals and it proved that when animals like Tilikum are mistreated people are oblivious until it is too late and tragedies happen.

SeaWorld have done nothing to help or improve the life styles of any if there orcas since the Blackfish's showing a year ago, and have even went on to breed an orca calf which was born recently, SeaWorld has not yet gave the name of which orca sired the calf... Tilikum is the largest bull orca in captivity, who is used for breeding / artificial insemination and has sired around 21 calves (11 still alive today) and he now spends his day in with his grandson in a small isolated pool at the back, floating at the top of the pool or sunk at the bottom and swimming in circles in comparison to swimming freely in the ocean from which he was snatched from at the age of 3 from his mother and placed at Sealand of the pacific where he was involved along with two females in the death of a young women and then transferred to SeaWorld Orlando.

Here is an image of conditions Tilikum lives in;

The orca's at the SeaWorld parks life spans are dramatically shorted from 60-80 years to 25-30 compared to wild orca's and one of the most noticeable health issue that affects bull orcas is the collapsed dorsal fin which is seen in less than 1% in wild orca males...It has took the death of three people for the world to properly see the lives of these orcas and others before them, SeaWorld lies to the public telling them there life's are better in captivity than in the wild and there lifespans, behaviours and the "tricks" are what is normal for wild orcas. One of the many horrors of their lives are they are breed at to young an age and the calves are taken from their mothers and pods to early, wild females breeding age averagely is 10 years old and the calves normally stay with their mothers care pods consisting of their family for most /or all their life's. However SeaWorld take the calves away from their mothers and transfer the baby to another park at a young age emotional scaring these highly intelligent creatures.

Below an image of Tilikum's family tree;

The images above are Captive whale vitims, Dawn Brancheau (top right and bottom right), Katie Byrne (bottom left), Daniel Dukes (bottom middle)

We must never forget the people who lost there lives and who families now suffer the lose of a loved one so we must prevent it ever happening again!

An image taken of Tilikum and the body of Dawn Brancheau

Blackfish is the sad tale of Tilikum and other SeaWorld orcas that suffer from depression, boredom and serious health issue's which lead in the death of three people which lead to a court case which removed the trainers from the waters with the orcas whoever SeaWorld is appealing to have the trainers return into the water. There have been plenty of accidents and tragedies at SeaWorld but the answer is not to stop the interactions with the animals up close it is to release them into ocean pens in which they can spend their life feeling what it is like to be a free, wild orca however with SeaWorld making a profit off the pain of these and other creatures it is less than likely that they will do it, So with every voice coming together and seeing the true we can help these highly intelligent and beautiful creatures live a life that was snatched away from them... One day the tanks will finally be empty and they will be back into the ocean where they belong instead of prisoners for the publics amusment...