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Prince William Says Elephants Will Be Extinct Soon — And He's Right

Wild elephants will soon be gone from the planet, according to Prince William.

"You'd have thought we learnt the lessons years ago in the great campaigns to 'Save the Whale' or 'Save the Polar Bear,'" he said at a ball in honor of the Tusk Trust Thursday, according to The Telegraph. "But we haven't. The elephant and rhino, among others, are going the same way and, unbelievably, will be extinct in the wild within a few decades, or less."

Prince William brought out the gut-wrenching numbers: 100,000 elephants have been killed in just the last few years, cutting the population down to half what it was in 1990, largely due to the black market demand for ivory.


He urged attacking the demand for ivory and rhino horn and educating people all around the world about the importance of these animals and their survival.


"By staying on the course we're on," Prince William said, "we are signing their death warrants."

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