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Horse Saved From Slaughter Gets The Chance To Be A Mom

When rescuers heard about a pregnant horse trapped at an auction house and destined for slaughter, they knew they had to get her out of there. Vet Ranch, an organization that treats rescued animals, drove 45 minutes out of their way to the auction house where Nova, and too many other horses in need, were being kept.

YouTube/Vet Ranch

Nova was in very poor condition when she was rescued. Despite being pregnant, she was very visibly much too thin.

After assessing her health, rescuers discovered that Nova had a respiratory infection and herpes.

The Vet Ranch team worked tirelessly to ensure that Nova's health improved as swiftly as possible to prepare for the arrival of her baby ...

... and within weeks of her rescue, baby Orion came into the world, healthy and happy to be alive.

If Nova hadn't been rescued, she would have been sent to slaughter, and little Orion never would have known a life at all.

YouTube/Vet Ranch

Thanks to Vet Ranch, Orion had a chance to take his first steps ...

YouTube/Vet Ranch

... and ran for the first time, with his mom watching him closely as he learned to enjoy life.

YouTube/Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch will help Nova and Orion find a forever home of their own, where they can spend years running and playing together without fear.

Watch the full video of Nova's rescue and Orion's first days of life below: