Pregnant Dog WORKS IT In Her Very Own Maternity Photo Shoot

Maternity photos have become one of the most popular ways for moms-to-be to celebrate their pregnancies. But people apparently aren't the only ones eager to show off their baby bumps.

Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo had the pleasure of working with another kind of expectant parent - her friend's dog, Lilica.

Ana Paula Grillo

Grillo told The Dodo that the proud pup had struck up a romance with a neighbor's dog, and as a result, a litter of puppies was on the way. But before they arrived, Grillo was inspired to help Lilica celebrate with photo shoot.

The results are adorable.

Ana Paula Grillo

Lilica, who Grillo describes as "very well loved and cared for," seems to beam with pride as she poses for the artful photos.

Ana Paula Grillo

Although Lilica presumably hasn't dabbled much with modeling in her life as a pet, Grillo says she was an ideal subject to work with.

"She was amazing," Grillo said. "She smiled in a way that was just so nice."

Ana Paula Grillo

This isn't the first time Grillo has worked with non-humans on photo shoots. But her love of animals extends beyond the world of photography.

In her off time, Grillo volunteers to help rescue abandoned pets. They too deserve to be loved and cherished, she says.

Ana Paula Grillo

Fortunately, Lilica needn't worry about her babies having a rough future.

Since these photos were taken, she went on to give birth to five healthy puppies - each of whom have been adopted by her owner's adult children and their families.

Ana Paula Grillo

While the beauty of motherhood is certainly worth celebrating, when it comes to pets, preventing pregnancies is even more laudable. Spaying or neutering dogs and cats not only has health benefits that can add years to their lives, but also helps reduce the number of homeless or unwanted pets.

After all, the best pets are the ones we rescue.