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Pregnant Dog Trapped Under Building Waits To Give Birth Until She's Safe

Her puppies are all grown up and safe now

A dog will protect her puppies until the end of the world.

And about a year ago in Tijuana, Mexico, when an abandoned building came tumbling down on a pregnant street dog , it certainly must have felt like just that.

Karma | Instagram/lovelyb_o_n_e_s_

But the dog curled up and protected her precious cargo, even as the roof fell on her.

When someone found the dog amidst the debris - still alive, still pregnant - they got in touch with Recycled Dog Rescue, a group that specializes in seemingly impossible missions.

Emily Luciano, the group's founder, named the mother Karma and arranged to have this ultimate survivor transported to the U.S.

Only when Karma arrived in California did she give birth to a healthy litter.

While all of Karma's babies are out of danger and being cared for in the U.S., a puppy named Kenai was among the first to find a forever home.

"He has brought more love and joy to us than we could ever imagine and in this one short year he has already changed our lives forever," Gergana Mouteva, who adopted Kenai, tells The Dodo. "He brings laughter, anxiety, playfulness and sleepless nights, but most of all this pure true happiness that comes from him so naturally."

It hasn't always been a smooth road for Kenai. He came down with parvovirus, which Mouteva calls "the doggie equivalent of ebola."

The treatment would have cost Kenai's new family more than $3,000. But Luciano intervened, taking Kenai to the best veterinarians for treatment and paying for every expense.

Like his mother, Kenai proved to be a survivor.

"She saved his life more than once," Mouteva notes. "When we adopted Kenai, we knew nothing about the difficulties and the possible infections, diseases ... that come with rescuing a dog."

He would persevere, winning hearts at every step of his journey.

And making his new mom and dad proud.

You can follow Kenai's adventures on Instagram.

And if you would like to support Recycled Dog Rescue and its mission to save the lives of countless dogs like Kenai, consider making a donation here.