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Her Family Moved Away And Left Her Here. Chained. Pregnant.

When Harley's family walked out on her, they left her tied in the backyard, still wearing a choke chain.

And pregnant.

Her owners, according to the Backyard Dog Project, an Ohio-based animal welfare group, had been evicted. So Harley was left to fend for herself. Except in chains. And without shelter. And expecting.

In this wretched place, a prison she has known her entire life.

She did, however, manage to find a kind of shelter, scratching and crawling her way into a space beneath these boards.

By the time a neighbor got involved, her desperation was painfully obvious. "Harley was huge and ready to give birth at any time," the group recounted on its Facebook page.

That compassionate neighbor found a heated, enclosed space with plenty of blankets for the mother-to-be. And that's where she gave birth to eight healthy puppies - and a mighty, pent-up heart was finally unleashed.

In this clip, Harley can be seen taking exemplary care of her babies, cleaning and nursing and, of course, kissing them.

The Backyard Dog Project is hoping to find a home for Harley, as well as her pups, as they will need to stick together for the next seven weeks. If you can help, drop the organization a line here.