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Pregnant Cow Struck By Speeding Car Got The Miracle She Needed

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When a pregnant cow was run down by a speeding car in India, she and her unborn calf were left for dead in the middle of the road.

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As the cow lay suffering, many drivers stopped to see what they could do to help, while the driver who struck the cow sped away.

Another motorist, outraged at the callous behavior of the hit-and-run driver, followed him. "My friend and I ... saw the car driver ram into the animal and escape. Looking at the gravely-injured cow, I told my friend to call for help and raced after the driver of the car, yelling for him to stop. He refused and continued speeding, but I didn't give up," a witness, who goes by Vijay, told the Bangalore Mirror.

Meanwhile, the expecting cow's injuries were severe. The car had struck her on her right flank. She had lost about two liters of blood and had deep gashes in her side.

The cow needed a miracle.

And a miracle came in the form of a veterinary surgeon, who just happened to be passing by. He was on his way to a cat appointment in a nearby town, but halted when he saw the poor cow in the street. He made a call to the cat family, notifying them he'd be late.

Dr. Mahmood Abbas could tell immediately that the cow was pregnant. With the help of bystanders who fetched fresh water and other necessary supplies, Abbas sprang into action to perform the surgery that would save her life and the life of her child.

Vijay, who had witnessed the driver speeding away, managed to track down the coward and demand his license and phone number. The driver who could have killed the cow and her unborn child has reportedly agreed to pay for the treatment and rehabilitation of the cow.

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And these are the incredible people who sprang into action to save two lives.

"It was sheer coincidence that I happened to be passing by with my friend," Abbas told the Mirror. "It was as though God heard the cow's cries for help and sent me there."