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Dog Famous For Her Loyalty Is Homeless — Again

The legend of Precious was born of tragedy. And since then, it seems that's all she's ever known.

Her family home in Maryland caught on fire earlier this month. Her owner was injured and still inside. Amidst an inferno that would eventually gut the entire house, she refused to leave him. For some reason, rescuers decided to direct a fire extinguisher at her until she got out of the way.

But even then, while her owner lay sprawled in the yard, Precious stood faithfully over him.

Precious made headlines around the world. Her loyalty, distilled in a single photograph, seemed to embody what we love most about dogs.

Except Prince George's County, where Precious lived, doesn't love pit bulls. In fact, they've been illegal there since 1997, resulting in the death of hundreds of dogs every year.

Precious was taken away from the husk of her former home in Landover Hills - and directly to Prince George's County Animal Control.

Thankfully, her incarceration was brief.

A day later, Precious was adopted by her former owner's sister, who lives in Montgomery County - where there are no absurd laws targeting a specific breed.

"She just wanted to protect her mommy; that's all," the sister told NBC News. "And her house."

Not long after that, the woman decided she couldn't take care of Precious anymore.

And now, she's up for adoption.

So much for loyalty.

Precious is currently in foster care, thanks to the efforts of pit bull advocacy group Babes 4 Bullies. The volunteer organization is hoping to find a permanent home for Precious after the holidays.

You can also join the fight against breed specific legislation in Prince George's County by supporting the Maryland Dog Federation.