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Powerful Prank Convinces Woman Not To Put Dog In A Shelter

It's difficult to imagine how confusing it must be for the countless pets who wind up in animal shelters each year - but this woman got to experience that firsthand.

A powerful new video from French prankster Rémi Gaillard offers a stirring glimpse at a world in which people are treated like unwanted pets. The prank's unsuspecting target, who's come to drop off a lost dog, is clearly unprepared to see what shelter life is like when humans' and animals' roles are reversed.

After seeing humans in kennels, and what happens behind closed doors, the woman decides to look elsewhere for help.

Depressing as animal shelters are, it should be noted that the woman in this video did the right thing by bringing the lost dog there. Shelters are usually equipped to check pets for microchips which would help track down their owners.

In cases where no microchip is found, the American Humane Association suggests alternatives to leaving the lost pet at a shelter - and for good reason. Every year, millions of dogs and cats wind up at such facilities in the U.S., and more than a third of them never make it out alive.

To learn about adopting a pet, or to find out other ways to help, visit your local animal shelter.