11 Awkward Kittens Who Haven't Quite Mastered The Pounce Yet

<p><a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/albaraa/7837152724">Flickr/Belal Khan</a></p>

It's a feline art form. They're working on it, OK?

1. "If at first you don't succeed, pounce, pounce again."

YouTube/The Pet Collective

2. "Whoa. Unstable terrain! No fair."

YouTube/rocco privatera

3. "Ready ... Set ... Oof."


4. "Well. Let's call this one a draw."

YouTube/Holley Muraco

5. "Hey, Mom! Take this! Umm ... I mean ... hi?"

YouTube/Anita Williams

6. "I'm gonna make my move annnnnny second now ... "

YouTube/Suzie TheBombCat

7. "I'll get you now, you fiend! Or ... maybe not."

YouTube/WatchZeusGrow's channel

8. "This tail of yours shall tell no tales!"

YouTube/Rumble Viral

9. "This means war, Human! Except wait, war is scary."


10. "Umm ... I totally meant to fall down here."

YouTube/Eltjo N.

11. "Finally! Nailed it."

YouTube/Emma Keates