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Poodle Chef Insists On Mixing His Food Himself

<p>YouTube: Sonia Lee</p>

Sometimes creative eaters are vastly misunderstood and described as "picky."

Louie the poodle has an unusual eating ritual -- there has to be a perfect ratio of kibble to wet food. And nobody else, not even his humans, can get the mixture just right.

Louie goes through and adds his dry food to his wet food, one piece at a time, until the dish is just to his liking.

Louie's owner writes that "He won't eat his food if we try to mix it for him. In fact, if we only give him wet food, he'll scoop at the air as if the bowl of kibble is there." This is not surprising, as poodles are very intelligent and have often been known to get creative with how they entertain themselves.

It's not easy being a canine chef, but Louie does his best!

Watch his masterpiece unfold below:

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