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Veterinarian Says Killing Animals Is Just Something He Does For Fun

While the animal-killing-is-just-a-hobby defense seems to have worked for Walter Palmer, it has failed utterly for an Italian veterinarian.

Luciano Ponzetto of Turin was sacked from his job as director of kennels at an animal shelter after pictures surfaced revealing what he apparently likes doing in his spare time, The Telegraph reports.

The images, downright Walter Palmer-esque in their blithe celebration of cruelty, show a man crouched over a dead lion. Another image depicts the same pose with a warthog. Unsurprisingly, after these photos began circulating, the internet had a field day.

In response, Ponzetto says social media is the real villain here. He killed the lion years ago, he says, while on a safari in Tanzania, a spokesman told The Local. His take? Being a vet is "not incompatible" with hunting for sport morally or professionally.

And if not for Facebook and Twitter and all that rubbish, he would still be entrusted with the care of some 150 stray dogs at the clinic near Turin.

Indeed, even Turin's veterinary association backed Ponzetto, calling his zeal for killing defenseless creatures a "hobby."

It didn't stop the association that runs the shelter from turfing him and releasing this statement:

"We are totally opposed to any form of hunting or abuse of animals, whether they be wild or domestic," read the statement.

What's more, the vet faces a barrage of condemnation from people all over the world. And now, a petition is circulating that would demand Ponzetto's ejection from the country's veterinary association.

Bad social media.