This Cat Was Born To Judge You

<p><a href="" target="_blank">Instagram/Pompous Albert</a></p>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Instagram/Pompous Albert</a></p>

Those menacing eyes, that scraggly coat.

This cat was born with a look that is both intimidating and a bit judgemental - yet, beneath it all, Pompous Albert is a nice guy. Seriously.

Albert is a selkirk rex who was rescued by his owners, Susan and Michael Singleton from Salt Lake City, Utah, as a kitten - and according to them, he's looked like this since day one.

"He really is a sweetheart," Susan told Pet 360. "We really love him." According to her, Albert likes children, other cats ...

... and even being petted - as well as sitting on desks.

He does, after all, hang out as an office cat at the Singletons' Sagebrush Fine Art Publishing and Licensing work space.

"He loves when equipment in the office is being used - the shredder, fax, printer," Michael Singleton told Yahoo News U.K.

Albert was named after Albert Einstein and the similarities between the two aren't so far off.

Susan told Pet 360 that people have even asked if Albert is a real cat on more than one occasion.

We believe it - that trademark scowl looks too good to be true.

To make Albert's internet popularity even better is the fact that he's also a rejected show cat.

As it turns out, he was destined for greater things than the flashy pageant life.

"We think the whole world should be stared at and enjoy his pompousness," Michael told Yahoo News U.K.

Agreed. You can follow Albert on Instagram and Facebook for more of his highbrow adventures. Interested in adopting an Albert of your own? Get started at