Officers Receive A Call About A 'Suspicious Car' ... And Find Dogs

Police officers often get calls about suspicious people ... but not usually suspicious dogs.

This past Wednesday, the Independence Police Department in Independence, Missouri, got a very strange call. Someone wanted to report a car that had an absurd number of dogs inside.

Like, a really absurd number of dogs.

"Each day is different for a police officer but this definitely doesn't happen very often," the police department wrote on its Facebook page.

The car had around 20 dogs inside - which is definitely a lot - but the situation turned out to be much more adorable than shady.

"It turned out that these rescue dogs were all well taken care of and just on their way to a dog show," the police department wrote.

Normally, the officers have to deal with individuals who are rowdy or misbehaving ... but these guys just wanted to give them kisses.

Even though it turned out that the dogs were all happy and safe, the officers must have been pretty happy they responded to the call anyway ...

... because they got to meet all of these cuties.

Best day on the job ever.