Police Rescue Dog Trapped Inside 150-Degree Car

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When police officers in Roswell, Georgia, were called to a parking lot to rescue a dog panting in the backseat of locked car on Tuesday, the temperature outside was a sweltering 97 degrees. The temperature inside the car, where the dog had been left alone, was 150 degrees.

A video recorded by the officers and uploaded to the Roswell Police Department Facebook page shows them reading aloud the results from the thermometer. The car's front windows had been left open, but the car still heated up to extreme temperatures, and the dog trapped inside was in danger.

The officers freed the dog from the car, cooling him off with a hose and giving him plenty of water to drink, before charging the negligent owner with animal cruelty.

"There is little that saddens us more than seeing a dog in distress," Roswell police explained in a Facebook post. "While the dog's owner was shopping inside the cool, air-conditioned store, her animal was suffering inside the sweltering hot vehicle."

The police department added an update for all the animal lovers who had commented to check on the dog, saying that he was doing well.

During the summer, dogs should never be left alone in a car. According to the ASPCA, "on a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach 160 degrees. Even with the windows cracked."

And cars can heat up in minutes, so even if you just have a quick errand, it's really not worth the risk.